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Sunday, July 8, 2001

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Sign Language Translation

The main function of HandTalk is the translation of words or letters into sign language through finger spelling. This is done with the use of a three-dimensional model of a hand. Take note that grammatical errors and unrecognized characters will be ignored.

Manual Entry

Type in the words you wish to fingerspell in the text box on the right and press the button marked "Go".

Text File as Input

Click on the "Browse" button and select a text file. Take note that even though you can select another type of file, HandTalk will still treat as a text file. Once you have selected the file, HandTalk will load it in the text box. Just click on the "File Go" button to start fingerspelling.

Reset Panel

Clicking on the "Reset Panel" button resets all the values of the panel to default.

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