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SeeD Briefing Room

    Am I dead? No, but almost. I'm apologizing *AGAIN* to those waiting for updates on the page. In actuality, I was planning a major revamp of both my pages, but the problem is real life got in the way. More specifically, my undergraduate thesis. Now, all all my plans for my pages and fics are on hiatus until we finish the thesis. For those who want to see more specific updates, you can all go to my weblog, at Mafty. That's probably my most updated page I've kept and you can also probably keep track of the progress of the fic there.

Also, I've posted the first Chapter of the *hopefully* final version of my FF8 fic. As you can see, everything's revamped from the initial one. Rest assured that I would continue my efforts towards my fics as soon as my load lessens...

Thanks to all those who wrote in my guestbook. I really appreciate the comments.


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