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   Welcome to my humble little shrine to Final Fantasy VIII's Rinoa Heartilly. I'm Wing Heart. Please feel free to explore the shrine, but as you can see, the shrine is still under construction.

"Will you dance with me?"

Take a ride on a Chocobo to your destination!

Urgent message! Enter the SeeD briefing room to read some annoucements regarding the shrine! Updated 1/19/2002!

Rinoa's Room - Step aboard the Forest Owls' train and enter the "Princess's" Room as her fellow Resistance members call her. Here you can find information about Rinoa as well as some other things...

Balamb Garden Library - Head for the library of the famed SeeD academy and take a look at some of my fanfiction.

Timber Maniacs' Gallery - Within the midst of scattered articles and back issues you will find many captured images as well as the illustrated ones.

Esthar City - Enter the most advanced city in the world and be able to download many things to suit your needs.(not yet up)

Timber Train Station - Take a trip to other interesting places throughout the continent. (not yet up)

Edea's House: The Place of Promise - I'll be waiting... Why? I'll be 'waiting' For what? I'll be waiting...for you could come...You'll find me. I promise. *up! 4/30/2000*

Dollet Communication Tower - Email me for your comments and suggestions.

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Rinoa Heartilly, Final Fantasy VIII and other related terms and characteristics are properties of SquareSoft, Inc.

NOTE: I have changed my policy. Anybody is free to use any image, except the fanart. You still need my permission on that.