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Edea's House: The Place of Promise

"I'll be here waiting..."

"I'll be waiting here..."

"I'll be waiting...for"

"If you could'll find me..."

"I promise."

    Thus were the words of Squall Leonhart spoken to Rinoa Heartilly on the promised place, the flower field beside Edea's House, overlooking the vast blue ocean...

    Welcome to my 'extras' page. Here you will find all sorts of miscellaneous stuff ranging from  opinions of FF8 and many others. It may seem bare at the moment, but I'll put in more in the future. =)

Topic # 1:
What would it be if the FF8 cast were to become real people?

    Well, I have thought this up a long time ago when I recently finished the Japanese version of FF8. Well, I'd think among the entire FF8 cast, Rinoa will probably be the only one with Asian descent, while the others would all be either from European or North American descent. Why? Well, she seems to be the only one with the slanted eyes evident in many females in Asia, but almost non-existent on Western girls. (Western girls that I have seen actually.)

    Correct me if I'm wrong. This is just my humble opinion here.

Topic # 2:
Do you think Cid Kramer awfully looks a lot like Robin Williams?

    Heh. Obvious answer to this one. Robin Williams is exactly what Cid would look like in real life. Of course, you still have to add the belly. =)

Topic # 3:
Who is more beautiful, Quistis or Rinoa?

    Whoa, controversial question here. I've seen a lot of ugly fights spring up from this conversation in various FF bulletin boards all over the net. Some people think Rinoa is prettier, while others say it's Quistis, then it'll result to bashing on both sides. Well, here is my honest opinion about this...

    Rinoa is pretty, but Quistis is also. It just really depends on the preference of the person looking at them. Quistis has a more "model" look than Rinoa, and hers is what I call a "Western" beauty while Rinoa is "Asian" and has a more simple look. As I said, it depends on the preference of the person.

    But I'm a Rinoa fan, so you'd excuse me if I say in my opinion that Rinoa is prettier. =)

Any questions? comments? criticisms?new topics?objections?
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