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Rinoa's Room

Welcome aboard the Resistance Train. If you'll kindly step this way, you'll reach the "Princess's" Room...

Rinoa Heartilly

Age: 17
Height: 163 cm
Birthdate: March 3
Blood Type: Unknown
Known Family: General Carway(father, Caraway in the NA version), Julia Heartilly (mother, deceased)
Weapon: Blaster Edge
Limit: Combine (Japanese version), Angelo (NA version)

    A strong-willed girl by heart, Rinoa is the unspoken leader of the "Forest Owls". With an optimistic and cheerful demeanor, she is often unafraid to express her thoughts and feelings openly, although she can still be shy at times.

    She also has an inner side to her that makes her want to feel accepted. She easily feels the pain of others, and often times puts their needs before hers.

    She may also get emotional at times and can also be unpredictable due to her somewhat impulsive nature: happy and bubbly in a moment, but silent and brooding the next. But these pale in comparison to her other good qualities, qualities that make up the wonderful persona known as Rinoa Heartilly.

The reasons why I like her the best
    With her looks, who could resist her? ^_^ Just kidding.

    The first thing that made me like her was, believe it or not, not her looks but by her character. She is by far the most realistic Final Fantasy female character I have encountered. She might not be perfect, can be very forward and impulsive at times, and dislikes her father to the point of even not talking to him but her dedication towards things is very admirable.

    Another thing I like about her is the way she affects the moods of the people around her. She always has this positive side effect towards her presence and affects not only the people in the game, but sometimes even the player itself, whenever she's up to her usual antics. As a Japanese game magazine put it, she is the "mood-maker" of the entire FF8 cast.

    Well, the last reason is because she just looks so damn fine! *drool* Um...excuse me, it's my Rinoa obsession takin' over. =)


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